New Online Professional Development Tool is Launched: Click2Science

Nebraska 4-H Extension recently launched a unique on-line professional development tool designed to support afterschool and summer professionals develop specific skills needed to lead high quality informal Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) experiences for youth. This major national initiative builds on a growing body of research about the skills it takes to lead high-quality in informal STEM experiences (hint – it doesn’t require a degree in physics) and uses video and sequential instruction to illustrate those concepts in action. This is a long awaited tool that promises to meet a national need for on-line professional development to support ELO professionals.

Nebraska 4-H Extension received a multi-year national grant from Noyce Foundation, a California-based foundation that is also funding Beyond School Bells efforts to advocate for more STEM in Nebraska’s afterschool programs, to develop Click2SciencePD. While this tool is still in development (they have posted 7 of the 20 skills that they eventually envision making up the entire site) we are excited about working with Extension to expand Click2SciencePD’s reach in Nebraska so more providers have the confidence they need to support high quality STEM experiences in all our ELO programs.


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