Nebraska ELO Policy Update

2014 promises to be a banner year for Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELO) policy in Nebraska. As we reported last month, there will be multiple opportunities to engage in discussions that will help shape policy that will have a major impact on the future ELO in our state. The Education Committee of the Nebraska Legislature has initiated a Visioning Process that will provide opportunities for ELO supporters to share why we think afterschool and summer programs must be a crucial component in Nebraska’s comprehensive education system. The Committee has developed a web survey to gather information from Nebraskans concerning the vision of education in Nebraska. The survey may be accessed through the Education Committee’s blog page on the Legislature’s web site at

This is the current working draft of the Vision statement they are proposing to drive this conversation:

Vision: Every Nebraskan educated for success

Mission: Equip Nebraskans to realize maximum potential in all aspects of life


  1. Provide programs and courses that inspire and prepare Nebraskans for success in learning, work, and life.
  2. Establish high expectations for all educators and provide support and resources to create positive, safe, and successful learning environments.
  3. Develop systems of support that build collaborative partnerships among the entire educational community including individuals, families, businesses, and organizations.

As you see, there is ample room for ELOs within these goals. Your thoughts and suggestions will have an impact on the final shape of this visioning process. The Education Committee will review the results and possibly modify the vision, mission, and goals before moving on to the development of objectives. It is the Committee’s commitment to continue this exchange with the public throughout the process, with public hearings and possibly one or more additional surveys.

Please take a few minutes to give your input and reaction by completing this survey by June 30th and forwarding the survey to friends, neighbors, and colleagues involved with ELOs in your communities.



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