NET’s State of Education in Nebraska

NET’s State of Education in Nebraska goes deep on Individualized Learning this summer

In June and July, NET ‘s State of Education in Nebraska series will explore efforts by Nebraska educators and policy makers to provide students with the individual supports that all youth need to succeed in school and in life. Due to the 6000 learning deficit that separates low and high income youth (see attached graphic) afterschool and summer programs must emerge as key aspects of an overall strategy to provide all Nebraska youth with opportunities to succeed and enjoy the benefits of the good life that we want for all Nebraskans.

The June program, One Child at a Time, produced by NET’s partners on this series Nebraska Loves Public Schools, travels across the state to show Nebraska educators are tailoring instructional strategies and approaches to meet the individual needs of students. The July program, Individualized Instruction, focuses on efforts at the national and state level to develop policies which recognize the individual needs of students and the need for innovative, systemic strategies that will energize learning both in and outside traditional classrooms.    This program will include an indepth discussion with our state’s top education policymakers. Tune into NET2 to watch these important programs and go to the State of Education website for more information about this ground breaking series.



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