Click2SciencePD – Update

Click2SciencePD is a free professional development website designed for trainers, coaches, site directors and frontline staff working in ELO programs. Developed by looking at existing research and asking ELO providers what skills would support their work, Click2SciencePD is creating modules covering 20 Skills “to make STEM click” in three core areas:

  • Planning STEM Learning Experiences
  • Interacting with Youth doing STEM
  • Building STEM Skills

There are multiple ways Click2Science’s professional development resources are delivered: online-coaching interactions, meetings, or trainings. The website contains many videos showing these skills in action using frontline staff and youth.  The activities demonstrated are accompanied by step-by-step instructions, emphasizing the skills featured in the video.

An additional feature of Click2SciencePD is connecting ELO staff, youth, and real scientists through professional blogs, colleague discussions, and opportunities to ask real scientists questions.

To learn more, or to strengthen your STEM skills, visit the Click2SciencePD website at:


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