Summer Learning

In conjunction with Summer Learning Day on June 11th, the Afterschool Alliance released infographics and fact sheets related to parent attitudes towards summer learning that was collected through the America After 3PM survey.  Summer learning programs play a critical role during the summer months to inspire learning, provide academically enriching activities, keep kids safe and healthy, and support working families.

Unfortunately in Nebraska, only 19% of families say at least one child attended a summer program in 2013—one of the lowest rates in the nation.  However, the demand for summer programs far exceeds the current rate of participation, with 42% of Nebraska families reporting that they would like their children to participate in these important learning programs. 

Support for additional summer learning programs is vital to give more Nebraska children the opportunity to take part in fun and engaging activities; find new interests like cooking and robotics; explore their community’s libraries, museums and parks; receive nutritious summer meals; and curb summer learning loss.  And Nebraska parents agree, with 84% supporting public funding for summer learning programs.

Visit the Beyond School Bells website for links to these infographics and data sheets.  Also, view the interactive national map that examines participation rates, demand for summer learning programs and support for public funding of summer learning programs in each state.


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